Monday, January 30, 2012

The Amazing people I have met!

Thank you all for your nice emails, comments, questions and messages. This is the first issue of 2012, and I cannot believe I am doing this for over  one  year. Yes,  one  year since I started on sharing my thoughts on this blog, I am glad and proud of being able to help people by just publishing these articles, often times I come across people who read these articles and later ask me questions to clarify some points or ideas.  

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I still remember the day after “going on the air” a couple of days of first launching the very first article and I reached my reader number 15, I felt so happy and proud that my thoughts were important to 15 people, then like a week later the day I reached 80 readers, I was quite happy at first, and then scared because 80 people read my article! I do not know exactly how to explain that feeling, I felt like what I say is important to 80 people that I do not know, and at the same time like I am walking in to the shower and I accidentally left the window wide open. 

This very thought came to my mind like a week ago, when I invited people to be my reader number 8,000 in January 2012.

 If I have to choose a moment of this year, I don’t have one, I have a lot.

First, I mention the people I met, the people that I met throughout the year and told me that our meetings and the information that I share with them was really useful to them. Some of them have a better understanding of their financial life and feel in control. That I feel really proud of.

Then I would choose the places I’ve gone physically and online too. I’ve been traveling (driving because I am terrified of flying) around California, Nevada and Arizona. Online I’ve been in places as far as the Middle East, all over Europe, Asia (for some reason big time readers in China and Russia), South America, Africa and Australia.

There are so many memories and places that I cannot pick up one.

There are also the few interviews that I was able to shoot this year. Usually I ask somebody who I admire or think they have something interesting to say to the world, thank you all whose let me interview.

Also, I want to mention is the fact that thanks to this blog I came across to really valuable and tax knowledgeable people, the people who are helping me in San Francisco (Bay area), Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Reno, Huston, Miami and New York. You can meet them all at:

Choosing the right people to work with is always a challenge; you never know how somebody would turn out to be, for that reason in February I will tell you all about it. You may find some information really valuable if you tune into the following article, coming soon.

Thank you for all your support, and good night, good morning or good anything from wherever you are in the world.