Monday, December 9, 2013

The Leapfrog Project for rebuilding the Philippines...

This is a good time of the year to start making adjustments to your accounting
systems before the end of the calendar tax year.

For that reason it is good to give to worthy organizations before the end of the year.

This leads me to why I am writing this blog. Recently, I heard from Lira Luis, a good friend and collaborator.  We spoke about the recent Haiyan Typhoon catastrophe in the Philippines.  She asked me to help and join her in her efforts of putting together the Leapfrog project for rebuilding the Philippines.

LeapFrog Project Video

“The devastation prompted the international community to mobilize and join hands in helping the affected communities rebuild and make people rise to regain lost lives.” This project, initiated by ALLL where Lira is Chief Collaboration Architect, is a response to a direct call for assistance from representatives of the Philippine Government. 

LeapFrog Project Website

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Philippines Devastation Relief
In the first phase, The Leapfrog project is a multinational effort to fund

a workshop and the architecture realization of the program to bring together  built environment experts from the US, the UK and the Philippines to collaborate with the Philippine locals to reach a solution with the forward thinking solutions to the devastated areas while boosting the local

We all know Lira Luis from our collaborative efforts to spread good business and good accounting practices video series.

Lira Luis Video Interview.

Lira Luis had formed a team of experts for this Leapfrog Project.

I was approached for my experience as an IRS Enrolled Agent and for working with multiple nonprofit organizations in the US and also my experience with businesses all over the United States of

I am proud to join forces with Lira Luis and bring OREM TaxAccounting LLC and OREM foundation Inc. experience to the table and collaborate with such a good project.

I’m proud to share with you that we have started securing sponsorships from corporations in the first phase.

We will be launching a crowd funding campaign soon where you can feel free to join efforts with us and donate.

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In the second phase, the conclusions from this Leapfrog Project Workshop will be shared to the public and translated to an architecture installation in devastated areas of the Philippines.

This phase is critical to help in the rebuilding efforts while ensuring the local economy improves as a direct result from this effort.

 Regarding the final phase, The Leapfrog project will construct a specific building type as a direct result of this developed collaborative effort. The main goal is to help rebuild the devastated areas while engaging the locals with rebuilding and at the same time allow the project to empower local economic activities.

For this final phase our goal is to raise an amount that would allow us to fund the construction of a structure that will be determined based on the on-ground needs of the locality that will help improve the life of the locals in the devastated areas.

Please donate any amount will make a huge difference

Here are some of the pool of experts that include. It’s not a complete list but I will be updating this list as the project develops:


US Philippines Society – Washington DC.

American institute of Architects (Diversity & Inclusion) – Washington DC.

ALLL (Atelier Lira Luis LLC) – Chicago IL.

OREM Accounting Taxation Representation LLC – Beverly Hills, CA.

OREM Foundation Inc. – Beverly Hills, CA.


Bionic City – London, England.

Social Project. PH – Manila, Philippines.

Local to the Philippines:

United Architects of the Philippines (UAP), Quezon City.

National Housing Authority (NHA), Quezon City.

University of the Philippines College of Architecture, UP Diliman and UP Mindanao.

University of the Philippines Visayas (UPV), Tacloban.

WorkLand M&E Institute, Inc., Quezon City.