Monday, April 8, 2013

Meeting more amazing people in the 2013 season...

OREM the pillar

This 2013 tax season is almost over, and we still have 8 days more to go. This year I have plenty of reason to feel like we achieved a lot.

To start we helped a lot of new clients in the US. Most of them are awesome business owners, with operations that go from sales, services, consulting, design, etc.

We are so close to reach our goal of getting the client number 150 for this season. But if we don’t it doesn’t matter because with this economy who can tell that has a business that has grown over 25% compared to the prior year?

But it is not only quantity but the quality clients that we are looking for, clients like Husam Salman a clothing designer in the city of Los Angeles, if you want to see more about Husam and his talents you can check it out at our conversation at the link below.

Another reason to be proud is that our company had recruited several new tax accountants and tax agents on multiple cities and states. This business network helps us to further our services far beyond the California border.

And I’m still debating whether or not buy a smart cell phone. I never buy things unless I really need them, and this year with so many new clients submitting tax forms by text message I realized then I need a better phone to be able to read them instead of just forwarding it to my computer.

And by the end of this 2013 I expect a bigger growth by the end of the year, not only because of the RTPR that the IRS is still fighting to enforce but also because either way the IRS will prevail in my opinion.

The IRS had appealed the judge decision to stop the return tax preparer registration or RTPR but because there is already legislation in the congress specifically crafted to provide the IRS with the authority to regulate tax preparers in the nation.

Well, just that makes me feel better because after spending 7 months of my life studying over 8 hou
rs a day to past those 3 tests to have a federal judge to come up and tell me that all that effort , time and money invested on it was for nothing?! Well, I want that judge to be recalled.

So far, I had been supervising the work of 25+ tax preparers and tax agents in the US, and I love it! If you want to become part of our network feel free to check our recruiting website at the link below