Tuesday, December 29, 2015

OREM Realty approved by the DRE Department of Real Estate of California

It is with great pleasure I share OREM Realty was approved by the DRE Department of Real Estate of California to do business in California.

 At the OREM organization we are working hard to implement all the tools needed to help all our current and new clients with their property purchase, pre qualification, financing, etc.

 Tengo el grato placer de anunciarles que la organizaci√≥n OREM fue aprobada por el Departamento de Bienes Raises de California para hacer negocios.

 Aqui estamos trabajando muy fuerte para implementar todas las herramientas necesarias para poder ofrecer a nuestros clientes actuales y a los futuros con sus necesidades de compa, venta de propiedades, pre calificaci√≥n de financiamiento y financiamiento de propiedades.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Graduation at the National Association of Enrolled Agents in Orlando

Our recent visit to Orlando in Florida was great, finely completed Level 3 class to be able to achieve the graduate level and complete the required CE educational hours to renew my IRS EA Enrolled Agent designation.

During this 3 day class I was fortunate enough to meet a lot of talented EAs from all over the country. After our first day class we gathered with our colleagues with appetizers and drinks.

Every day is so much fun to talk to other EAs at break, lunch time and at the end of the class too, we hang out and go out places and exchange work histories.

We are eager to represent more clients  all over the country.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Introducing OREM Lending Inc to California

I am proud to announce OREM Lending Inc. has just began, with the help of our Broker of Record Henry Wallace we’ll help our loyal clients and new ones too.

We’ll help our clients to reach the financing to realize their dream home.

Helping fix the credit history, optimizing credit reports, clearing bad credit record, etc as a first step to reach a great credit report, to be able to qualify to a better mortgage rate.

Friday, September 18, 2015

The official launch of OREM Realty Inc and OREM Lending Inc in California.

Signing the contract
It is with great pleasure I announce OREM Realty Inc. and OREM lending Inc. just have born and came to life thanks to our Real Estate Broker Henry Wallace,

Henry has plenty of real estate Broker experience such as sales agents training, real estate property exchange transfers,  mortgage origination, general oversee of real estate business, and much more.

We start these new endeavors with OREM Realty Inc. to help our clients with their real estate needs, to purchase their new homes, income properties, investments properties, property management, and more.

 We also created OREM Lending Inc. to help our clients with their financing needs whether to purchase their first homes, fixer upper, refinance their current mortgages, reverse mortgages and much more.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

2015 Las Vegas IRS Enrolled Agents National Convention

The winner is Enrique !

This Las Vegas Enrolled Agents class was great, I completed level 2 and now I’m looking forward for Level 3 in Orlando later this year.

Seeing old friends from all over the USA was awesome, and winning the $100 gift card from one of the vendors was amazing.

Enjoying the buffets the drinks and the pool after class was great, and getting upgraded using the old $20 trick to a suite in one of the nicest Las Vegas hotels was just incredible.
In Class
Arriving to the Cosmopolitan
Drinks at the Suite

At class

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

OREM Social Networking event

We recently performed our first Social Networking event at our OREM offices, it was fun.

 Our clients had the chance to talk to other clients about their careers, their businesses, their hopes and their dreams.

Great ideas, very entertaining conversation, appetizers, drinks, laughter and new businesses too.

We are getting ready to offer our new Notary on site, Mobile Notary services too.

Full immigration services on site soon to come.

New services are never easy, it takes a fair amount of work and dedication to set up.