Monday, June 9, 2014

When is time to let a Client go ?

Nonsense after Nonsense!!...
Growing a business is great and part of reaching the success that you want is to chose the right people for your organization, give them the right tools for their success, leading their way.

It always pleases me a lot to see the people at the OREM organization reaching their own success inside and outside the company.

That is why choosing the right individuals with the potential to help an organization to grow is a critical part of the business. In my own experience we never have the assurance that the individuals that we hire will be the right individuals for the organization, that is why sometimes we have to let go the wrong individuals in a organization to be able to fulfill our main goals.

This not only apply to the individuals working for our organization but also the partners that we chose to work outside the organization, and it also include the clients we serve.

Having the wrong worker will waste scare resources of the organization, it also waste time that we can dedicate to the right individuals.

Choosing the wrong clients can lead to conflict and a waste of resources, time and energy that we can dedicate exclusively to grow the organization and to the long term right clients and workers.

OREM great Clients on the red carpet with the
 LAULYPLos Angeles Urban League of Young Professionals
This is critical when resources, tools and time are sucked by the wrong individuals for multiple reasons causing disrupt, conflict, and resentment with the rest of the team, partners, projects and clients.

In this past years since the OREM organization started business, I had to research for new workers, partners, projects and clients. I’d been lucky to had found the right individuals in a 90% of the time.

It is wise to put in the balance the pros and cons of the entire organization to keep the right individuals, partners, projects and clients all the time.

I usually crave for more clients and individuals to grow the organization, and I think I’m a pretty cool people to work with whether as a supervisor or as your Accountant. I learned to make my trade so repetitive that I can pretty much use the same words for every single new client and I always will answer all your questions from the simple ones to the most complicated ones.

This year I had to let go 2 clients, one of my Tax preparer’s client and one of my own. Pretty much the issue was that this 2 clients didn’t want to listen to facts, they didn’t want to hear the answers to their questions and they just keep on repeating the same nonsense of their specific financial situations. When you have given all the facts then it is up to the client to chose what to do, we can not force a client to take a specific way, we just bring all the known facts and then we provide with the alternatives and the client choses their way, in more complicated financial matters there is always some space to maneuver. But when the client or worker doesn’t like your answers, or they want you to do things that your knowledge tells you that is impossible, then it is time to be safe, and let some other company take that burden.
OREM Great clients in Arizona

After repeating myself with the only 2 alternatives for this 2 clients and they keep on repeating the same nonsense then I knew I reached a dead point and I came to the conclusion that I don’t want to keep on wasting more hours with this 2 clients, hours that I would never recover, hours that I could had had dedicated to my good clients and coworkers, hours that I could had spent with a paying clients.

Don’t get me wrong, I give a lot of freebees to my established clients, but I wouldn’t recommend anybody to waste their time on nonsense.

It is hard to let individuals go especially when you are the person to bring the bad news to this individuals and try to make the departure as smooth as possible for both sides.

To end I want to thank to everybody that had work and help us to grow our organization.