Friday, May 3, 2013

Amazing 2013 tax season, coming up soon OREM Lending & Real Estate...

Helping Jezlan with her income tax needs
Hollywood - California

We are finally in May 2013 and I am worn out after the last tax season; more clients and supervised tax preparers than ever before. We are based in Los Angeles California, and got clients from so far places as Texas, Florida, North Carolina, New York, France!

Andres in Briare- France
 What makes me most happy this year is that I met more awesome and cool new clients everywhere, clients with all kind of backgrounds and interests. I learned a lot from each of my clients and it makes me so happy to be able to be part of it.

Monica - Orlando Florida
Our client base grown almost 55% compared with the same of 2012. And the interesting fact is that most of our clients have a business going on, it doesn’t surprised me, I think is a sign of the times that we live, the economy is still recovering and I would say there is no better time to start a business or consultation company than now. And this is why, if you start a small business in this economy and you get a couple of clients it is great but knowing that the economy will improve in the following years are even better, why? Because you know the following years the struggle will be less hard than this year, and with a healthier economy your client base will grow in the following years.

Satisfied 2013 Clients and work outside Los Angeles video

Jorge - Greensboro -North Carolina
Some people would say that if that is so then why I do not follow my own advice? I do, trust me I do. Interesting fact is that among my accounting clients I counted 18+ clients that are ready to buy, sell, and refinance their properties. Is not that great?  And therefore I think is wise to star OREM Lending & Real Estate as of 2013

Now all the sudden I feel like there is not enough time left for this 2013, I only have eight more months to create, to hire real estate sales people, to create the website, to advertise everywhere, and to get a real estate license myself

I know, I know, probably obtaining a real estate license should be on the top of the list, but lucky me based on information provided by the California Department of Real Estate I can hire a broker, hire real estate sales people, and create a real estate company without having my own license yet.

Elizabeth - North Carolina

Funny fact is that I have mentioned to some of my friends and accounting clients (real estate licensees) and they have shown interest in working in my non yet existing company.

Another fact that makes me happy is that lucky me, I live in California where real estate property is one of the heist in America with no need to expand to other states.

OREM Lending & Real Estate website.