Saturday, November 2, 2013

November the busy month before tax season...

Finally   November is here. This is the month when usually clients start to rush over accounting records and start to get ready for tax season.

In my case I start to get ready for tax season by making sure everything is in place, current tax software, bank products up to date, tax preparers ready, advertisement ready, and this year the new affordable care act or Obamacare in place I have an extra work by helping clients to sign up.

Also, by getting this new Real Estate license made my half year more interesting than usual; I’m glad to share that I passed all 3 college classes required, and I’m ready to take the California state examination, too bad they told me it’ll take about a month and half to schedule it. Now I’ll be forced to keep all the information fresh for the next weeks instead on moving on to the next challenge like I planned.

I’m very excited to share that this coming 2014 tax season that at OREM tax services we’ll have more agents helping us to further our services in different states,

This year I wonder what license are we getting in 2014? Because I obtained all the important licenses we planned and need. I guess it is time to start to get thing easy and just enjoy while networking everywhere we go.

I have the idea of teaching business accounting, tax write offs, on different cities and states. That is a request that I get often when talking to some people all the time.