Sunday, October 12, 2014

The OREM Corporation New Head Quarters...

Looking for the right place for the OREM Corporation has been challenging in the past few months.

There are lots of   considerations, distance from other businesses, location, first floor, second floor, visibility, driving distance from home, weekend availability, parking for clients, etc.

I’ve considered the shared spaces for the economical prices and the convenience for neighbor businesses too.

We also considered a big location right in a busy street in Culver City, but the monthly budget is not at the point yet.

There is even a store front right across the street of a gas station that could drive traffic to the office. The only down side of this location was the fact that this office didn’t have the interior office partitions required for our organization, which is an office for the Accounting company, another one for the Real Estate and the  Foundation. This last location also needed too much money to be invested in the partition walls and electrical for the offices, not a good option after all.

We searched farther away and found some suitable places and very good looking offices and front stores, unfortunately the budget always came as too far away.

There is a saying, sometimes the solution of your problem is right in front of you but you don’t realize it.

One Saturday night, after having dinner at my favorite Chinese restaurant I got a fortune cookie that told me something like, you found your fortune place.

The same night while walking back home from this Chinese restaurant I saw this Store front with two big windows to a very busy street, with a brick and mortar facade, right in front of a bank branch of the biggest bank chain of America, also right across the street of a busy gas station and surrounded by local businesses, in front on two us stops and with its own parking.

The words that immediately pop in my head was Location, location, location!! And certainly one only can wonder where can I find a better office store front than this one? walking distance from my own home? What else can I desire?

The price range was right at our budget level, so after contacting the owner and having coordinated a visit, and after doing some more research, running more numbers and a smooth negotiation, we signed the lease for this unbeatable location.

So after years of searching we finely found out office for the OREM Corporation. We’ll have more good news to share soon.

This past weeks we were in the process of moving and improving some details of our new Head Quarters.