Saturday, August 6, 2016

As Individuals life changes, you need different services to keep up with those changes

As individuals Life takes you places you never know.

Whether it is getting married, getting divorced, starting a new family, or saving money for a major purchase.

We have developed an array of services for Individuals for this kind of new life situations.

Did you find your other half? Then getting married makes sense. We have Suzanne who has 3 kids with Owen. They are a young couple in their early 30s, they are free spirit people and started their family without thinking on getting married. Owen gotten married when 22 in Las Vegas while drunk. Everything was just fine for Suzanne and Owen until Owen got into a car accident and was rushed to the hospital with a broken leg and a minor procedure. Suzanne found out later that night when she went to the hospital, she wasn’t allowed to get information or sign paperwork related to  this minor procedure from the doctors because she was not considered family.

This was a rude awakening considering Owen and Suzanne were about to make a major purchase, Owens insurance was able to take care of the healthcare bills. This situation was enough to get Owen to find his long time lost drinking fried and “wife” Brittany. While In Vegas Owen recalls he and his friends went to gamble and drink at every place they could while Brittany and other friends freeloaded Owen and other friends. Brittany was the kind of friend one can’t afford to have as an unhappy friend or wife.

Did you realize your marriage came to an end? Then getting divorced makes sense.

Continuing with our prior history. Weeks later after some research Owen found Brittany living happily with 2 kinds on her own in another city. Owen filed for divorce, served Brittany with the divorce papers and 6 months later Owen and Brittany were happily divorced and ready to move on with their own families and life.

That was an easy funny history, certainly there are horrors histories too, don’t wait until your funny history becomes a horror one to take action.

Please take the time to look our array of services for individuals and see if there is anything that may fit your current place in life

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