Thursday, March 31, 2016

My conversation with Hillary Clinton.

Enrique, Hillary and Robert
Last week I had the chance to go to an event in Santa Monica, at this event full of world known celebrities Robert and myself had the chance to exchange some of our views of the current political environment.

At this event we had the chance to meet presidential candidate Madame Secretary Hillary Clinton.

While at the photo line we noticed some people having small conversations with Hillary, we were thinking on doing the same; I didn’t want to be selfish and talk about my own concerns. I have a mental note to talk about my clients concerns, as a Tax Accountant and Tax Representative I had an idea of what I wanted to share with her and a question to ask.

Then her aide introduced me to her, Hillary told me “Hello and thank you for your help to our campaign Enrique”, then my mind went completely blanch and my speech went away too.

I thought of my clients and then I recalled to bring to her attention income inequality and Immigration reform thinking of my clients., I said “Hillary when you become president, please help as much people as possible with your immigration reform executive orders, I believe it must include what both parties want for the path to citizenship such as had paid and filed taxes, pass a background check, pay a fine, so no one can deny it” and Hillary responded “and we got to do it right away”

We took the picture and then they called Robert for his time with Hillary.

After taking the pictures we walked to the backyard for the most interesting part of the eve, a very inspiring speech. We had really good seats at the very first row; they were some Hollywood celebrities present and they were sitting in the back, we also engaged in some political casual conversation with some of them.

During Hillary's speech she spoke about all the issues that affect America, she mentioned some personality names in the audience, then she said I see some successful people people in their fields here, while looking at us, Hillary made my day, my month, my year...

Once Hillary finished her speech people started surrounding her for some more pictures and some more chat, it happened just like what we have seen on TV. We approached her one more time for some more conversation and some more pictures, this was a fun experience.