Tuesday, March 5, 2013

OREM cool clients in Phoenix Arizona...

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As of March 1, 2013 my company  has  surpassed  itself as of total number of clients helped from 2012, in less of a month of the tax season that started late this 2013, we have still another month and half before this tax season ends. This is an achievement and a major milestone for OREM accounting.
We had helped clients from all places and economic backgrounds. We help all clients that are in need of income tax services, accounting services and IRS representation as well.
Often   at   times   people   are   asking me,   “ Enrique   how   do   you meet these cool people”?  I simply go everywhere I can with an open mind attitude and ask questions     about what I find interesting and amazing, that is all.  
This year we have clients from multiple states as we did in 2012. I recently visited some of our clients in Arizona. I want to share with you how cool and interesting they are.
The first cool client is David Molinar, an architect and entrepreneur from ASU Arizona state university. I met David through social media a couple of years ago. I finely met David in my last visit to Phoenix. David not only is interesting but fun to talk too. His company is Road Runner Bicycle engines LLC. His company sales engine kits for bicycles. The idea is so interesting, and with this economy anyone can save a lot of time and money by using a bicycle with an engine to commute. His company is based in Phoenix Arizona.
We spent an afternoon talking about a whole lot of subjects and possibilities for this bicycle Engines Company; as a California resident I was a bit concerned about the engine itself and the California DMV. However, later I  recall that people   with those engine scooters have ride  those types of bikes. The best part of it is that these engines are a lot more affordable than I previously thought.
There is a lot more about David you should know, and what best ways to find out than having David telling us himself.
What best way to enjoy our conversation than tuning up to it.

Signature please,  need a drink?
 The second cool client is Derek Paiseka, a designer from the University of Illinois in Chicago; he is based in Phoenix Arizona. Derek is an interesting and fun character that I have  come across a few years ago from social media and quickly became friends almost overnight.
What Derek and I have in common is the property management background, one night a few months ago we got together and talked about all those property management horror histories with Robert and some of his building residents, that was awesome.

To begging with the place that he lives was transformed by him into a hip place a few years ago. If you happen to be in Phoenix you should stop by and take a look to his place. I have  seen some pictures of the cool terrace he has developed in his second floor, this is place that I wanted to see for a few years but there is always some reason to not be able to see it.
There is l always something cool and interesting over Derek’s sleeve, and this time was not the exception, he is working in something that soon will amuse us. I cannot talk about it but we will all be surprised.
You can take a look at Derek’s work at his website.
I know, some of you are waiting to see Derek in one of my videos, some of you had asked for it last time I talked about him. Just be patience, it will happen.
At times   people are asking me, “Enrique, how can I become someone like your cool clients?” I would say there are some basic steps that you need to follow through, first stay current with your personal finances, second stay current with your tax filing, third follow your passion, follow what you like to do the most and persevere, keep on working on it even if you make no money out of it. You can work on your passion even if you do not make any money then you already have 80% of the battle won because nobody will keep on competing with somebody who is willing to work for free, eventually your competitors will be out of business or you will be one few last standing on business. I personally believe the last one is the most important of all.

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