Monday, April 30, 2012

2012 tax season is over, and I’m glad, and I’m still recovering from it...

Oh yes! 2012 tax season is over, and I’m glad, and I’m still recovering from it.
This last tax season was huge for our OREM organization, we had grown a lot this year from having clients spread all over Los Angeles and been just 3 tax accountants,… we went to have 15 tax accountants in Los Angeles, 8 tax accountants in northern California, 4 in the Phoenix area, 2 in Las Vegas, 1 in Texas, 1 New Mexico, etc.
We also had grown our client base over 110 (more than doubled from last year), and I won’t mention the revenue grown because it won’t be polite with our readers, especially with this economy.
I’m glad to mention that up to this day our variety of services had grown to multiple areas in 4 different categories.
We have big announcements in the next few months that will shock our readers, stay tuned.
We are still working on the last adjustments for the past tax season, while we prepare for the new challenges for 2013.
This year 2012 I came across some really talented individuals that just thrive at what they do, and what surprises me the most is the fact that these are people that just started on this business, and yes, and I’m also proud to be the one who trained them and they succeed.
And no, nobody got the new direction from us...
I would like to share the success histories of some of the tax accountants in the next issue, what they think, how they see it and how they tackle life.
By any means I think this is it, we still have plenty of room for grown everywhere, and who never knows in 3 or 5 year I can say we are over 200 or 300 individuals working at this organization with thousands and thousands of clients in every single state.
All of this happened by just having an idea a few years ago, and by trying.
I would say that never under estimate the concept of copy and make it better than your competitors, it works wonders.
I would like to thank to every single individual of our organization that made all of this possible today, I’m so proud of everybody, and I’m so glad we reached our goals for 2012.
Not everybody was able to meet their quote for 2012, but it is not something that has to make us feel down or sad, in the other hand it is something that has to make us improve our weak points, to improve what we did not do, or to just improve in our methods and systems.
And for the ones that just excelled this year congratulations, I have some bright new comers that in their first year reached 4, 8, 10 clients this 2012.
Some had told me that this is not enough, that they could have done better. To all of you let me tell you that back in the time, when I past my state test and obtained my California license, I got 2 clients, and they were not paid clients, so embrace this clients that are paying clients, and who knows some day after a few years you can also count over 100 clients.
Thank you all for you time and effort put in to building our organization.