Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The LeapFrog Project team working in Chicago

Mitchell, Melissa, Billy, Lira,
Enrique and Romeo
Recently in July we visited Chicago to attend the LeapFrog Project workshop and events and we were glad to meet the other members of this project.

This was a very busy business trip for us, we met potential new members for our organization OREM Accounting Tax and we attended meeting for the LeapFrog Project, a project of the OREM Foundation.

The first night we were received by Lira Luis, the Executive Director of the LeapFrog Project with a nice Thai dinner at Thao in downtown Chicago.

Enrique, jimenez, Melissa, Robert and Lira
The second night we attended the networking event at the Apple store in Chicago. What a night, we were able to talk, exchange ideas with the speakers of the night.

The following day we attended the RIBA Royal Institute of British Architects, we met James Fisher the President of RIBA USA who introduced us to Melissa Sterry a Design Scientist, Futurist and Author, during her presentation of BIONIC City, an amazing concept that integrates the function ability, nature and the surrounding environment, this concept goes beyond that and you’ll have to see her presentation to be able to understand the concept.

Melissa and Robert during the boat tour
In between meetings and events we were able to meet and interview potential representatives for OREM Accounting Tax in Chicago and we met a few individuals with great professional backgrounds and network connections in the city.

In the eve we attended the movie presentation courtesy of REBA and we met Kanako Tomisawa Director of Wildlife Renovation Programs.

Amb. Maisto, Lira and James.
On Thursday we had a nice evening boat dinner during a private Chicago Architectural tour narrated and driven by Architect and well known speaker Lira Luis, the boat ride at the Chicago River was amazing because we enjoyed an evening to remember with British celebrity Melissa Sterry, a member   our OREM Marketing & Business Solutions Media specialist and PR Robert Ziemlak, and the OREM Accounting Tax CEO and OREM Foundation Executive Director Enrique Otarola (yes, that is me).
of the Obama administration of the State Department Ambassador John Maisto., The University of the Philippines Professor Romeo Santos,

Amb. Maisto, Melissa, Lira and Enrique
In the eve we had another movie premiere This time at the WIT Hotel, Tis time we met again with all this interesting individuals, this place has such an interesting movie setting that we just reclined our sits while enjoying a glass of good wine and oysters, I have to confess I was so exhausted this eve of having so many meetings and running all over the Chicago for the AIA, REBA, OREM Accounting Tax, OREM Foundation and the LeapFrog Project that I could not help and fell sleep during the movie.

Friday morning was a great day to work for the LeapFrog Project at Hafele Flooring Showroom in downtown Chicago. This time I was glad to be introduced to the President and Publisher of i4design Media LLC, Chairman Board of Trustees of the Harrington College of  Design and also a founding member of the Asia Pacific Federation of Architects Mitchell Obstfeld.

Kanako and Enrique.
We all worked together sharing ideas and experiences at this very diverse group of people, we had professionals from the USA, UK, Asia and South America, with names such as Lira Luis, Melissa Sterry, Romeo Santos, Mitchell Obstfeld, James Fisher and Enrique Otarola.

The LeapFrog Project sales team was in full bloom at the Hafele Showroom figuring out the strategy for the great party night, this time Consultant in Marketing and Sales Trisha Diamond, Sales and Marketing Specialist Eugene Rivera and Robert Ziemlak worked together in the sales and Fundraising strategy for the big AIA Party event at Hafele Showroom.

In the night we arrived early for the setting of the AIA closing Party and LeapFrog Project Fundraising. The red carpet was set inside the showroom due to a  persistent daily rain in Chicago.

Melissa, James and Lira at the workshop
I was glad to see everything went smoothly as planned, our sales tem and fundraising were working really hard selling those raffle tickets and donation were coming along too.

The LeapFrog Project speech was given by Chicago TV Celebrity Billy Dec, you can see him wearing the LeapFrog Project cap in the red carpet group picture,

Then after the closing speeches of the night it was time to announce the winners of the iPads from the LeapFrog Project Fundraising, Melissa announced the winners while I assisted giving the iPads to the winners.

Robert, Lira, Melissa and Trisha working
We are glad we helped the LeapFrog Project in Chicago, this was a fun and busy trip for us.

Now we are working hard for our next venue the OREM Appreciation Party that will be held at the Revolver Video Bar in West Hollywood, we want to thank our Tax Accountants and Agents by giving away awards to our best sales people and for working hard this past years, and also thank our clients too for trusting our company with their accounting and filing tax needs.

We will be introducing OREM Real Estate and our new Real Estate Agents o our friends and clients;
We will be doing a fundraising for the OREM Foundation too.