Saturday, June 8, 2013

The 2013 businees wheel keeps on moving after tax season ended..

As of today June 2013 I’m still recovering from the 2013 Tax Season. And I already started the plans that I have for  the OREM organization for the rest of 2013. Taking things easy and reading my real estate principles book. I know the business wheel keeps on moving.

For starters we have built and still building a Real Estate Company in California. OREM Real Estate. I submitted the Real Estate Corporation application to the California Secretary of state; And after much consideration we have some Real Estate Brokers to helps us with this effort.
Margot & me studying real estate.

At the same time we started to build a Real Estate study group to crunch the 3 classes required by California to obtain our sales Real Estate license, Real Estate Principles, Real Estate Practice and Real Estate Finance, we planned on finish by the end of the year. So far we have 9 members in this study group and we are still accepting more members to join our organization once the
license is in place.

Harold studying real estate
We also have planned an east coast tour, I’ll be touring some major cities in the east coast to visit some friends, clients and potential income tax preparers, I’m planning to visit Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York and Philadelphia. We are still working on the details. I can’t wait for July and visit Boston, Hartford, New York, Pennsylvania, etc 

We’ll be posting ads for recruiting tax accountants in those places soon, if you’re interested and want to hear about the details of this job, please refer to our website in the link bellow.

I’m also proud to announce that after waiting for almost for 1 year we finely obtained some approvals for our   Acceptance Agents. An Acceptance Agent is an individual that can process a tax identification number for non-resident individuals (individuals without papers) and since the Amnesty law seems imminent this year, that means that we will be very busy helping this individuals in the whole country, yes their tax powers are valid in 50 of the 50 united states.

Marco joining our real estate group
Congratulations to Robert, Xiomara and Merwin for this accomplishment.

We are still waiting on the IRS approval for other 8 applicants for Acceptance Agents.

I may not seem like a lot but by just thinking on what needs to be done here to keep everything working all of the sudden seems like a lot or responsibility, many people rely on me and this organizations.