Friday, September 13, 2013

Obamacare will be here soon, are you ready for it?...

We are in September 2013 and in less than 30 day all Americans will be able to enter the open market for healthcare, or Obamacare, the individuals that have healthcare throughout a job have nothing to worry about. But the one that doesn’t will have to get healthcare in order to avoid the Penalty fee.

Open enrollment starts on October 1st 2013 and ends on March 31st 2014, and coverage starts on January1st, 2014.

Open enrollment means that you will be able to find healthcare insurance coverage at a lower price than in regular season.

 If you’re like me and have a pre-existing condition, you won’t be turn down if you happen to have a pre-existing condition, health insurance companies cannot refuse to sell you with health insurance if you have a pre-existing condition.

Then depending on your individual situation, single, married, with or without children, etc the cost can range from  cero to a couple of hundreds. Also depends on the type of coverage you want, bronze, silver, gold or platinum. The higher the income and the coverage the more expensive it gets.

For example in the golden state of California for single individuals that are below the line of poverty  let’s say $18,000 a year there will be a $124.00 monthly fee that is covered entirely by the state and you’ll pay CERO with the basic coverage. But is you chose the fancy platinum coverage you’ll end up paying about $106.00/ month.

This is informational prices only, and is not my intention to provide with any specific quotes because the final prices are not available yet.

You can go to the healthcare website and play with the options to seek for the coverage you would need to avoid the penalty.

If you don’t get a healthcare plan the penalty is 1% of you yearly income or $95.00 whichever is higher.
If you end up going to the emergency room and you don’t have health insurance then you’ll be bill the entire hospital bill and the penalty fee on top of that.

If you happen to be a business owner then you have some options too. If you are a business owner without any full time employees or only part time employees who are pay with a 1099 then you qualify as an individual

If you’re unemployed you could qualify for Madicaid, keep in mind that your options depends on your income, and it could be free if your income is low.

First you need to go to the government website to find out who runs the healthcare in your state of residence. So, first go to then from the drop down menu check your state and find out who runs the market in your state.

if you have more questions feel free to contact me...