Thursday, January 9, 2014

A new year and new challenges...

The  2014 season is finally upon us. Tax Season is just around the corner; this year it starts on January 31. Old clients, new clients, new referrals, new businesses that need of direction will come knocking on the door.  I used to feel a bit anxious about this but it became a mere routine.
What has me really excited is the fact that I waiting for my Real Estate test next week, then launch OREM Realty Inc.  which I already started.  At first I was not too convinced about getting into Real Estate but my Income Tax clients keep on asking me about real estate. Some of my clients have purchased property for themselves so it makes perfect sense to me to get a Real Estate License because otherwise I’m losing money big time.

Also,  this year  in 2014  we are getting our turn with the processing of OREM Foundation, the non profit side of OREM Accounting Tax. We have been waiting for almost two  years.

The only thing that kind of worries me  is the fact that after this Tax Season or April 2014 this will be the first year that I have nothing to do, no license to obtain,  and no new business to start.  I hope boredom does not kick in.