Friday, December 14, 2012

Brands, what would the world be without them?

United we stad brand flag
Brands, what would  the world be without them?
What is a brand? Or maybe we should ask ourselves how do we distinguish one company from the other? If you are to buy a car, which one would you buy? And how do you choose from this car from the other one, we have so many options nowadays.
But brands not only entitle one logo and colors, symbols, a good brand makes a company’s experience just pop in your mind when you see the distinctive sings. I am not going to tell you about the history of it or give you a deep definition of it either.
Some people distinguish the psychological aspect, brand associations like thoughts, feelings, perceptions, images, experiences, beliefs, attitudes, and so on that become linked to the brand, of a brand from the experiential aspect.
Just imagine, all these huge corporations began as a small idea, then somebody started it,  and with the year they became huge businesses lik we all know them by now.
Since you are well aware that I am more interested on sharing my personal experiences and thoughts about my anything I talk about, I would like to share with you at the closing of this year a few good brands that I got to know well this year. Most of them are my accounting clients and I would like to share with you their success experiences from my point of view.

Don't be so surprised some day maybe in 10 or 20 more years when these people and businesses that I describein the lines below are as big as the ones described at the united we stad brand flag.
Aleili Centeno – Aleili is a wonderful  girl, she is the personification of what I always encourage people to , which is have a full time job and start your own business on the side and keep it this way until your business picks up and just take it from there. Aleili’s brand is Aleili’s design; Aleili is a full time pharmacist that always has the interest of jewelry design. Aleili decided to start designing her own jewelry and some purses as well, I have seen her designs and let me tell you and I am very impressed.
Lauren Amber Serna – I know her for years and her brand is Transformational healing and sitting transmission. Lauren is a life counselor and energy healer in California, and she is based in the city of Granada Hills. I have attended some of her sessions at her home, and let me tell you she is good at what she does; Lauren is also a speaker at multiple public events in the greater Los Angeles area. You can learn more about Lauren at the Interview we did back on August this year. Pay special attention to her thought about what is going to happen on December 2012. Please help to develop the likes on her facebook page.
Jordan Cappella – His name says it all, and his brand is Jordan Cappella, Jordan is an Australian interior designer who is really amazing at what he does, every time I go to his house I can see he is good at what he does. Just picture yourself visiting a major Hollywood celebrity, and certainly Jordan’s house is full of his own work everywhere, and Jordan’s house is just like any other Hollywood celebrity. I have seen the furniture he designs, candles, soap bars, and of course the spaces he designs. Jordan’s work has been portrayed at multiple magazines; Jordan had appearances on multiple TV shows. Please take a time to like Jordan’s fan page.
Lira Luis – Lira is a Architect based in the city of Chicago. Lira is one best example of how to develop a brand. Lira’s brand is ALL Atelier Lira Luis. Lira has architectural licenses in multiple states. Lira is the architect to meet and hire in the states of Arizona, Illinois, also in Asia and Europe. In her spare time Lira has the time to share her experiences with the world giving speeches all over the world, lira also keeps a blog and I am proud to say that the video interviews I have shot with Lira are the ones that have the most traffic ever in my segment “Enrique & friends

Link to lira Facebook page
Luis Pazos – Luis is a multi talented young man, hi is a movie editor, writer, producer  and actor in Hollywood, and his brand is Dasoir Films, I have seen his work which is really good, I also witnessed this year Luis receiving the Toscar Award, that awards the best short films on Hollywood. He won in the categories of the best editing and for the best short film movie in Hollywood. Luis and I went together to the writing boot camp   class earlier this year. Luis was part of this movie Avatar. I am pretty sure you can recognize the guy with him in the picture. This was a great experience. Please give some likes to Luis's Facebook page, we all greatly apreciate it.

Link to Luis Facebook page

Enrique Otarola- All you know who I am, and the brand that I represent which is OREM which has the multiple divisions such as Accounting, Marketing, Nonprofit and soon Real Estate. We encourage people to pursue their dreams and start your own business and whichever interest you have in life. Please help us to build our friend base and help us to reach 1,000 likes in our Facebook page

Darius Paiseka – I know Derek for a few years by now, and I was really impressed by his work this year when I had finally the chance to see his work. His brand is Studio Darek LLC, which is a construction design LLC, his LLC designs and builds projects. Derek is multi talented and his background is in interior Architecture, he is based in Phoenix AZ.  I was impressed to see this building he got and  he transformed it and it is a really hip place. Derek is one coolest person I ever met. And I would like to see his progress on another project he mentioned to me. I still have not seen the cool terrace he had built on his second floor and I am pretty sure we all will enjoy seeing it when I have the chance to interview him there in 2013. Please take some time to like Derek’s Facebook page
Sorry no interview yet, available until 2013.