Monday, September 1, 2014

The importance of Bona fide, Accountability and Governance is essential for an organization to thrive...

OREM Associates and Winners
The importance of Bona fide, accountability and governance is essential for an organization to thrive.

At the OREM Accounting Tax LLC, the OREM Foundation and the new OREM Realty Inc. we have made  this  policy rather  clear. That is why we have the confidence to serve our clients and community   within   multiple States of the USA.

OREM Tax Client
Recently, we had the OREM Appreciation Party to thank our Associates, Clients and Networking Partners that helped us to grow beyond our original national plan.

At the OREM Party we also had a Fundraising for the OREM Foundation and its first multinational effort to rebuild the Philippines devastation from the Yolanda Typhoon, the LeapFrog Project.

When you have credibility, when you follow the requirements and you have bona fide you can do great projects like we did by partnering with the AIA American Institute of Architects, with RIBA the Royal Institute of British Architects and more big names coming on board for the LeapFrog Project.
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You can see more of the LeapFrog Project efforts and fundraising in Chicago by visiting the blog I
created last month.

We certainly share a defined goal, and we did take in consideration all opinions about the LeapFrog project at this first Workshop meeting in Chicago.

Celebrity personalities at the
Chicago LeapFrog Fundraising
Other nonprofits with no compliance can lose their 501 © 3 designation from the IRS by not fulfilling their Mission Statements, which is the main reason why the IRS granted them tax exempt status. From our own experience we can say that those 30 application pages were not easy at all. When the nonprofit involves Education it gets even harder to comply and to get approved, it also delays the process. This does not count the time of incorporation prior to apply for tax  exempt status.

“... Leapfrog Project's role and potential for the Philippines is staked out, and a unique role for Filipino architects defined...” - USA Ambassador (ret) John F Maisto, a member of the US White House.

OREM Networking Partners
At OREM Accounting tax we have helped other non profits, corporations, partnerships, LLC’s to reach their success with guidance to the process and identify their weaknesses to fix them.

From our experience, a small portion of clients and non clients can get very emotional and irrational when bad news is delivered. Compliance, compliance and more compliance is the answer. Some are so irrational that want to kill the messenger “literally”, or threaten to sue him.

OREM Associates and Winners
Ask questions, analyze your situation, have an open mind for options, and do not attach emotion to  your choices. Remember that something has  to give for the better of an organization. We can not win all the time so be flexible and negotiating is always your best choice. Be suspicious when somebody wants to impose a one sided idea, sensor the different ideas and when they want  you to just follow the group without even expressing yourself for self interest, privileges, jobs. Etc.

Everybody is entitled to their own opinions, just look around yourself and see who is successful at what they do, who is thriving and who is not. All these decisions  will tell you easily who is doing it the right way and who is not.

Look at our OREM Associates, Clients and Networking Partners at the OREM Appreciation Party, where everybody has its own thoughts. We are an organization where we embrace diversity, but real diversity  is where we enrich our organization with the contributions of all of our individuals and organizations too.
Calysta Videna, Miss Del Mar announcing the iPad winner
proceeds going to LeapFrog Project