Monday, February 29, 2016

The ladder to success package for your business

Continuing with our ladder to success history, the earlier you start the earlier you can reap the benefits of your efforts.

If you’re thinking on starting a business then we are the organization that can help you rise to success by assisting you with the steps of this ladder, we offer you OREM success package, or a la carte in 5 easy steps:

1-Business entity application filing with the Secretary of State; we can assists you choosing the right entity for you business such a Sole proprietorship, LLC Limited liability company, corporation, partnership.

2-Business license application with the City; to obtain your city license or permit and allow you to work your business entity whiting the law.

3-EIN Employer identification number application assistance; the EIN is the business entity social security equivalent, it will allow you to file tax return for your business and comply with tax law.

4-Business bank account set up with Accounting software; to ease you business management and proper recordkeeping, basic training provided.

5-Business website building and hosting; customized domain name such as you can have the online presence you deserve.

We want to share some success histories from our current clients whose work and efforts combined with the 5 steps to success are paying off these days.

Our first client started an upholstery business in the valley, our tax client came to us about 2 years ago referred by another client and this days his hard work and dedication are paying the rent, bills, taxes, employees. We are so proud of Fabian and of every single of our success stories.

Our second success history came as a regular tax client about 5 years ago as an undocumented worker; he worked at a transportation company as an employee. Last year this client obtained his green card asked us to assists him with this steps of his ladder to success for a brand new cleaning company and we did; these days our client has an office location, employees and his business is in full swing, we can’t be prouder of Luis.

It only takes an interests, an interests that you can enjoy doing even if you don’t get pay to do it, this enjoyable activities are the ones that lead to success in most cases, a hobby that can lead to a income generating activity. It could be anything you enjoy.

Could you believe we started about a decade ago by only helping friends with their income taxes? Could you believe we didn’t even charge for services and we were fine with a free dinner or lunch as a form of payment?, until one day we decided to take this interests to a whole new level, as a proper business and we also decided to expand our array of services and charge for them, and after assisting ourselves with our 5 step ladder to success,

nowadays we also enjoy a nice store front office in Los Angeles, we offer diverse services to all our potential clients such as Real Estate services, mortgage services, IRS audit representation, Tax debt settlement, Tax planning services, Immigration services, Notary services, Bankruptcy services, Credit repair services, nonprofit services with OREM Foundation, and of course we offer the 5 step ladder to success services to everyone who needs it.

Friday, February 5, 2016

The ladder to success, a look to financial tax planning

Do you ever wonder what can you do to improve your financial life? With simple steps you can always improve your future. 

The Ladder to success, I can tell you the worst thing you can do is become tax exempt at work, the outcome will always derive in owing taxes to the IRS and State.

This tax 2016 tax season, we are offering free tax planning to all of our clients, keep track of your progress all the time, just like you keep track of your credit score.

The first simple step is to file your tax returns on time and accurately.

The second step would be to look in ways to save money in paying taxes every year, there are plenty of ways to this the right way, one is to set up a retirement account such a IRA, ROTH IRA, or a SEP IRA if you own a business. These actions will lower your tax liability every year, and will create a fund for your retirement that you can use for your retirement and or for a down payment for a house, or for sick expenses under certain conditions.

The big ticket to lower your taxes is to own property, those mortgage interest payments and point paid at purchase can lower your tax liability by a lot.

These are just an example of what we can do for you this tax season for free, we can look your numbers and tell you what is the best way to plan your taxes.