Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Something to consider for next year tax season...

Hello Everybody. I know, I know, I know, I'd been bad, I neglected you! I missed the last issue that was supposed to open April.
On the other hand, I was still able to help so many people this tax season with their income taxes. Not only with their taxes and different tax economic needs, but also with encouraging the entrepreneur self that I found on some clients. I wish and I was able to travel long distances, all over the country just to be able to share all this information with every single one of you, but unfortunately Enrique is afraid of flights, BUMMER.

If I could figure a way to share information with some people that live hundreds of miles away? Well, isn't it the whole idea of writing a blog? Some people had asked me to talk over the phone, or chat online, but to be honest with you, I feel perfectly comfortable with just emailing you back and forth like the good old times.
Tax season 2010 is almost gone, and a few of you naughty guys and girls have not filed your taxes yet. For the ones of you that haven't, because the many, many, many "clever" excuses I get this year. I say to all you men and women that no matter what, even if you did not make any money this past year, even if you had "losses" in your business, you still have to file your income taxes. Ok?
Anyway, I prepare a series of videos where I answered the most repeated questions to my practice.
Why do I need to hire a tax preparer? All I have to do is buy my tax software, do it myself. Well, that's an option but...

How can I start my own business if I don't have much money? In that case you have options, you always can do it. Remember "it is all about choices"...

When you get the "new direction" in your life... There are those times in everybody's life, when you feel like life throws a curve ball at you and you feel like you don't know what to do. I say YOU HAVE OPTIONS GIRLFRIEND...

Well my friends, I hope and you found these videos informative, helpful and have a good laugh at them as well, I also hope you enjoy these videos, as much and I enjoyed making it.
Note: I'm not providing any legal advise, please consult to a lawyer.

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